Hand-made in England.


Shim Shimmer, naturally made candles and fragrance products.

Made by experts using only ethically sourced ingredients, delicately blended to bring fine fragrances to homes across the UK.

With an emphasis on quality and pride in the fact all our products are hand-made in England.


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Our range of scents will continue to expand and grow, like a field of poppies. Our commitment is to quality, without compormise.

None of our ingredients are tested on animals. All of our glass and cardboard is recycled.

For more information on our upcoming ranges and our working practices, please contact us or subscribe to our mailing list.

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3 Wick Candle - Shim Shimmer Luxury Scented CandlesRoom Sprays - Shim Shimmer Luxury Scented Candles and FragrancesReed Diffusers - Shim Shimmer Luxury Scented Candles and Reed DiffusersMilk Pudding Glass Candles - Shim Shimmer Luxury Scented CandlesOrganic Soaps - Shim Shimmer Luxury Scented Candles & Organic Soaps

We are pleased to offer a range of gift sets, candles, reed diffusers, room sprays and soaps.

Our flagship tour-de-force is our 100 hour triple wick candle range.

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The fragrances are blended and perfected by experts using natural and fragrance oils and zero harmful chemicals.

Black Pomegranate, Wild Flowers, as well as Orange & Cinnamon create the ultimate sensual trio of fragrances.

Most of which is available in a range of scented candles, as well as Rattan Reed Diffusers, Room Sprays and Organic* Soap Bars.

 All glass candle jars are made from only recycled glass and any plastic bottles are recyclable.


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