Hand-made in England.
Fragranced Candle with Cork Lid
Glass Candle, Wild Flowers, 95ml


18 in stock (can be backordered)


The peaceful and subtle Wild Flowers Glass Candle.

The Milk Pudding candle range all come with a cork lid which adds to its modest elegance and keeps the luxury fragrance fresh for longer. Made from recycled glass, a cotton wick, paraffin free wax, and hand-made in England using natural ingredients.

Burn time: 25 Hours*

Also available in Orange & Cinnamon and Black Pomegranate fragrances.

Naturally Fragranced by experts and hand-made in England.

Paraffin free and pure luxury. The three wick range of candles are our flagship range of natural fragranced luxury.

Created using a special vegetable blend and fine quality oils, combined with plant wax material. The candle burns cleanly whilst distributing the scent effectively and elegantly.

  • Burn cleanly hardly any soot produced

  • Fine quality fragrances

  • Long burning time

  • Made in England

  • Eco friendly

  • Recycled glass

  • Cotton wick

View Wild Flowers Fragrance range.

*Burn times are approximate 

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